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  • The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

    54 performances between 06/06/2019 and 01/11/2019

    Little Voice has a hidden talent. Alone in her room with only her dead father’s record collection for company, she sings along with the greatest divas of the 20th century with a voice that’s pure gold...

  • The Children

    51 performances between 06/06/2019 and 01/11/2019

    “Retired people are like nuclear power stations. We like to live by the sea.” Former nuclear scientists Hazel and Robin are enjoying the quiet life, feeding the cows and practising yoga, while the ...

  • The Ladykillers

    55 performances between 23/05/2019 and 30/10/2019

    The plan is simple: pull off the heist of the century while posing as a group of classical musicians. The only problem? Mrs Wilberforce, a sweet little old lady, alone in her lopsided house with this ...

  • My Mother Said I Never Should

    49 performances between 23/05/2019 and 30/10/2019

    Set in Manchester, Oldham and London over the course of 40 years, My Mother Said I Never Should is a powerful and poignant story about love, jealousy and the price of freedom. Charlotte Keatley’s b...

  • Educating Rita

    12 performances between 18/04/2019 and 27/04/2019

    When married hairdresser Rita enrols on a university course to expand her horizons, little does she realise where the journey will take her. Her tutor Frank is a frustrated poet, brilliant academic...

  • The Picture of Dorian Gray

    8 performances between 08/04/2019 and 13/04/2019

    In a society obsessed with youth and beauty, Dorian Gray is given the chance to keep his looks forever. But at what cost...? “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his sou...

  • Creditors

    17 performances between 22/03/2019 and 20/04/2019

    “No, when you’ve been deceived, even just once, you arm yourself.” Adolph, a young artist, is deeply in love with his new wife Tekla. She’s intelligent, educated, and experienced. He loves her inde...

  • Beauty & the Beast

    67 performances between 23/11/2018 and 12/01/2019

    When Beauty’s father hears that his long-lost ship packed with pearls has landed safely in harbour, his family’s dreams come true. Setting out on a long, arduous journey to claim his fortune and se...

  • The Other Place

    12 performances between 01/11/2018 and 10/11/2018

    Confident, clever and highly successful, neurologist Juliana Smithton is at the top of her game. But while delivering a lecture to a roomful of doctors, she’s interrupted by a series of disturbing eve...

  • Sense & Sensibility

    36 performances between 09/08/2018 and 26/10/2018

    Things look bleak for sisters Marianne and Elinor Dashwood when they find themselves cheated out of their inheritance and turfed out of their home with little money to live on and even less to recomme...