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  • Beauty & the Beast

    67 performances between 23/11/2018 and 12/01/2019

    When Beauty’s father hears that his long-lost ship packed with pearls has landed safely in harbour, his family’s dreams come true. Setting out on a long, arduous journey to claim his fortune and se...

  • The Other Place

    12 performances between 01/11/2018 and 10/11/2018

    Confident, clever and highly successful, neurologist Juliana Smithton is at the top of her game. But while delivering a lecture to a roomful of doctors, she’s interrupted by a series of disturbing eve...

  • Sense & Sensibility

    36 performances between 09/08/2018 and 26/10/2018

    Things look bleak for sisters Marianne and Elinor Dashwood when they find themselves cheated out of their inheritance and turfed out of their home with little money to live on and even less to recomme...

  • Bold Girls

    49 performances between 21/06/2018 and 24/10/2018

    It’s 1991 in West Belfast. With their husbands either locked up or killed, Marie, Cassie and Nora are just trying to get on with their lives, despite the bombs, burning buses and soldiers trampling th...

  • Single Spies

    55 performances between 14/06/2018 and 24/10/2018

    Alan Bennett’s Olivier Award winning comedy masterpiece uncovers the true stories behind two notorious spies. Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt were members of the infamous Cambridge Spies. This compel...

  • Jeeves and Wooster in Perfect Nonsense

    56 performances between 24/05/2018 and 27/10/2018

    “Man and boy, Jeeves, I have been in some tough spots in my time, but this one wins the mottled oyster” Join aristocratic man about town Bertie Wooster and his dutiful valet Jeeves for a weekend aw...

  • Rails

    56 performances between 24/05/2018 and 27/10/2018

    WORLD PREMIERE Mike is a 16 year old who’s really into his scooter. He’s really into Sarah too. But she’s probably not that into him. His brother Ben is stuck working in a petrol station and dreams...

  • A Streetcar Named Desire

    7 performances between 03/04/2018 and 07/04/2018

    ‘Every man is a king.’ Stanley Kowalski is no exception. Until one summer, when his sister-in-law Blanche comes to stay. Anxious, seductive and fiercely clever, Blanche is just about keeping it to...


    70 performances between 24/11/2017 and 13/01/2018

    “When a garden’s kept proper, all weeded and neat, that chases the wild away. But when it’s left alone, for nature, who knows what secret things’d grow there...” It’s 1910, and spoilt, lonely Mary ...


    45 performances between 11/08/2017 and 04/11/2017

    “He wouldn’t be the first misguided, self-delusional genius. So smart and so dumb.” Peter Solverson is an ageing academic who cannot let go of his work and his dreams of making a scientific breakth...