The Ladykillers

by Graham Linehan From the motion picture screenplay by William Rose by special arrangement with StudioCanal & by special arrang

Showing 24 May – 30 October

The Writer

Graham Linehan

Graham Linehan


Graham Linehan was born in Dublin in 1968. He worked for a time at Hot Press magazine as a music and film critic, before relocating to London, where he started working with fellow Hot Press alumni Arthur Mathews, writing sketches for Smith and Jones and Alexei Sayle.

With Mathews, he wrote the sitcoms Father Ted and the sketch show Big Train. When they parted ways, Linehan went on to write the sitcom Black Books (with Dylan Moran), and his first solo effort The IT Crowd.

Most recently he collaborated with Steve Delaney on Count Arthur Strong and his wife, Helen Linehan on Motherland. He is presently back working with Arthur Mathews on the Father Ted musical.