Written & Presented by Andy Smith

Andy Smith: Plays for the People

Wed 6 Jul | 7.30pm

Turn up. Take a book. Read together. Then discuss.

“For a long time we have been frustrated about the current situation. We disagree with the government of the day, the people who say they lead and organise our nation.”

The Actions tells a story about a group of activists that meet in secret. It asks how we might take effective steps in politically turbulent times.

Part of a new project by acclaimed theatre-maker Andy Smith. Plays for the People are short texts written for a group of audience-participants to meet and read out loud*, hopefully prompting and provoking a discussion around the questions that they ask.

Come along. Join in. Tell us what you think.

*Not everyone has to read out loud, you can also just come along and listen.

If you’re asking… Who is Andy Smith? More about Andy here and below, he talks about Plays for the People…

Play for the People with Andy Smith