Words by the Water

Katie Hale Workshop: Poetry: Wonder & Whimsey

Sun 9 June | 2:30pm - 5pm

Poetry can be factually true, but it can also be imaginatively and emotionally true, and there can be real power in creating alternative versions of events. This is a workshop exploring the ‘what if’ in poetry. You’ll be encouraged to daydream, to step aside from the busyness of everyday life, and indulge curiosity, wonder, and a touch of the whimsical.

Katie Hale is the author of two novels, The Edge of Solitude and My Name is Monster, and won a 2021 Northern Debut Award for her poetry collection, White Ghosts. She is a MacDowell Fellow, and winner of the Gulliver Travel Grant, Palette Poetry Prize, and Northern Writers’ Award. She also mentors emerging writers through the Writing Squad.

There will be a 15 minute break during the workshop.