Pentabus Theatre presents

One of Them Ones

Tue 9 - Thu 11 May | 7.30pm; with 2pm matinees on selected dates

An uplifting new play about two siblings living in an isolated rural community trying to get their heads around gender identity.

“My sister is saying that she aint a girl no more, but she don’t wanna be a boy, I think, she wants to sort of stay in the middle? Which don’t really make much sense to me but, she’s my sister so…”

Frankie is desperate to be understood, accepted, loved. But LGBTQ alphabet soup has got Michael’s head spinning. Why’s she gotta be so complicated? Why can’t he understand? Why can’t things go back to the way they always were? Unpicking the complexities of identity and the fierce family love that hopefully holds us together.

Pentabus present this inspiring and celebratory new play by rising star Charlie Josephine.