Fidget Theatre presents

Pirate Bonnie

Fri 14 April | 11.30am and 2pm

Pirate Bonnie is looking for treasure – but no ordinary treasure, for she is no ordinary Pirate.

The treasures she seeks are stories, the long-lost stories of swashbuckling Pirates.

Join the crew on board the Good Ship Adventure! Set sail and discover forgotten legends of real female pirates. In typical Fidget Theatre style, this show is warm and witty with original songs and friendly interaction for children and their grown-ups, who all become Bonnie’s ship-shape crew.

Feel the rush of wind in the sails as Bonnie shares her treasure and sings the songs of pirates of old.

Welcome aboard, join the crew,

Let’s set sail for the horizon blue.

We’ll hear pirate songs and pirate tales,

As the ocean breeze fills our sails!

Watch the trailer here