Indigo Moon Theatre presents

The Lost Forest

Tue 2 April | 11am and 2pm

There’s magic and mayhem in the rainforest!

Animals’ homes are at risk as bulldozers and diggers crash through the trees. Who will come to the rescue and fight the evil Endorro? Can we save the rainforest?

Join Indigo Moon Theatre as they present The Lost Forest, a mesmerising performance of puppetry and digital projection for young children and families. Discover a tale of climate change and deforestation as small creatures flee the destruction of their natural habitats.

This popular, long running show is timelessly relevant, taking environmental concerns and weaving a fun and dynamic show around them.

Integrating the age-old tradition of Wayang Golek (colourful rod puppets from West Java, Indonesia), stunning rainforest projections, shadow puppet theatre and original musical score, the show embraces innovative and interactive approaches to storytelling. Aimed at younger audiences with lessons for us all to think about nature and the world in which we live.

“We aim to entertain, inspire and raise awareness and in this day and age there’s no reason anyone should miss out.”

Anna Ingleby, Co-Artistic Director

Produced by Indigo Moon Theatre (Anna Ingleby & Haviel Perdana) and Darren Walter
Written by Indigo Moon Theatre
Directed by Mark Pitman, Haviel Perdana and Manju Gregory
Performed by Anna Ingleby and Haviel Perdana (or stand in / technician)
Puppets by Giri Harja 3 (the team of the late Pak Asep Sunander Sunarya, Bandung, Indonesia) created the Wayang Golek rod figures. The late Pak Ledjar Subroto (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) created the Wayang Kancil animal shadows.
Sets, music and lighting design by Haviel Perdana

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