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29th Mar 2019

Q & A with Jonathan Wrather


Q: Jonathan, tell us about the play and the tour.

The play is Sean Aydon's new adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian gray. It's a fascinating story that explores the nature of passion, temptation, free thought, repression, excess and narcissism in society! Sean's adaptation has a contemporary or timeless feel to it. It's not a cautionary tale as such, but a kind of tragic horror story.

Q: Tell us about the part you play – Lord Henry Wotton – and where he fits into the story

My character, Lord Henry, leads a charmed life of excess. He is charming, erudite and seductive but is morally on the periphery of the society of the day.

On being introduced to Dorian Gray, he proceeds to impress upon him his own beliefs – mainly the duty one has to follow one's natural instincts and desires, however dark or ‘sinful'.

For those that don't know the novel you could say that Dorian's meeting Lord Henry has tragic and horrific consequences.

Q: What drew you to the play?

It was a story I was only loosely familiar with having never read Wilde's novel. But when I read this adaptation it was dark and dangerous and dealt with epic themes, but in a kind of claustrophobic situation.
Q: Which role have you enjoyed the most over your career and why?
Playing Pierce Harris in Emmerdale was a lot of fun especially playing opposite Zoe Henry. Our story played out in real time it was allowed a kind of a slow burn, which is one of the benefits of a show like that. It had room to develop and breathe. I was grateful for that and enjoyed playing what developed into a rather troubled and complex character. Cast and crew were a joy plus filming in beautiful locations in the Dales was wonderful.

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