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8th Nov 2018

Q and A with Eleanor Sutton


How are you enjoying rehearsals for Beauty & the Beast?

We are having a great time in rehearsals thank you! We have all been particularly enjoying getting to grips with the various weird and wonderful characters and props in the show (wolves, castanets, robotic toothbrushes and tap-dancing horses to name but a few). As for gossip: I couldn't possibly divulge….

Could you tell us a bit about this production of Beauty & the Beast?

This production of Beauty & the Beast might be a little different to the story which people are familiar with. The original tale (La Belle at la Bête) was first published in the 1700s, and, like ours, it centres around Beauty's idiosyncratic family and their journey from riches to rags. Whilst there may not be singing candlesticks in our version, people can still expect an unexpected love story, and we have thrown in some dancing robots for good measure! In three words, I would describe our show as witty, heartfelt and magical.

And please could you tell us a bit about your character Beauty – what's she like? What's it like to play her?

Beauty is very strong-willed and absolutely knows her own mind. She is far more emotionally mature than her siblings (even though she is the youngest), but she isn't particularly worldly, which means that she has a lot to learn through the course of the play. I really enjoy portraying a young woman who is feisty, independent and doesn't take no for an answer - we need more female characters like her…!

What are you looking forward to about being in Keswick for the next few weeks? What have you made of the town so far?

It goes without saying that the scenery is phenomenal - we are certainly all going to make the most of every opportunity to explore - but I have to say that so far my highlight has been the unrivalled expanse of cafés/tea-rooms/coffee shops. It may only be day 3, but I have already eaten a huge amount of cake, and I don't intend to stop any time soon.

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you know what you'll be doing this year on Christmas day?

Keswick isn't too far from home for me, so I will be able to get back and celebrate Christmas with my family. However this year will be a bit different as my little brother Dom is going to be away in Sri Lanka with work, so it will be far quieter than usual! My mum, my dad and I are thinking of volunteering at a local homeless shelter on Christmas Eve, and I would expect that Christmas Day will be mostly spent eating (and drinking) and snoozing!

Finally.. Do you have a favourite fairy story? What is it and why?

Other than Beauty & the Beast (obviously), I think I would have to say Rapunzel. Who doesn't love a girl who has strong roots and a penchant for letting her hair down?

Beauty & the Beast runs at Theatre by the Lake from 23 November to 12 January. Find out more about the show here.

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