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4th Oct 2019

Setting the Scene – Arts and Allsorts

"I think everything in life is art.” Helen Bonham-Carter

Do you consider yourself artistic? Over a cuppa and a slice of cake we discussed our views on creativity. A few members of our group, such as Mary-Gay and Ian confessed that they really enjoyed drawing and painting, whilst Tom said that he didn’t feel artistic at all. Yet we know that Tom has made several hand carved walking sticks, so perhaps creative flair comes in many different forms and owning an easel and a beret is not obligatory.

Drawing on inspiration from some print-outs of famous artworks; we staged our own recreations of eminent works. We laughed as Tommy using a ginger wig, flowers and a blue sheet of shimmery material to transform into John Everett Millais’ portrait of Ophelia drowning in a shallow pond. Meanwhile Mary-Gay was fabulous in her recreation of Banksy’s iconic image of a little girl trying to catch a red balloon. Finally Brian made an ever so beautiful representation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa complete with a long dark wig, shawl and scowl! We asked our participants how much they thought our reproductions were worth, "a tuppence” giggled Ian, "half a crown” echoed from several participants around the room.

Following on, we took part in a follow the leader style movement activity, where each participant pretended to be applying paint to canvas and we copied their style. With the changing mood of the music and alternate group members, we went through both serene and more flamboyant styles, with a few of our members even deciding to do portraits or apply the imaginary paints to their neighbours! We had a good chuckle.

Next-up, we offered our group a choice to recreate their own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night inspired by the images of the painting in front of them. Ian, Mary-Gay and Tommy dived straight into this activity with relish and created beautiful blue swirling skies and burning amber stars with colourful chalks. Other members of the group opted to relax with our magic painting sheets, simply apply water methodically with a paint brush and the image appears. Many of our participants were fully immersed in these activities.

The session today ended with a sing-along to Annie’s Song and a movement activity to Happy Together by The Turtles. It was a fun session full of colour and activity. We hope that all of our participants felt as though they’d exercised their imaginations and creative muscles. Whether they consider themselves to be artists, or not, our merry bunch at Setting the Scene certainly inspires us to give things a go and not take life so seriously. We look forward to welcoming everybody back next week for a different theme.

Setting the Scene is a series of creative sessions provided by Theatre by the Lake, run with support from Amy’s Care for people living with dementia and their carers. Sessions are free to attend and are on Thursday mornings at 11.00 - 12.30.

Setting the Scene is now running until 19th December. Sessions are usually based at Theatre by the Lake but occasionally move to other locations. For more information, please contact Mary Elliott on 017687 72282 ext. 269.

We’d like to thank the Hadfield Trust and our donors for supporting future sessions. To hear more about the project or to contribute to Theatre by the Lake’s work in Dementia please call our Box Office on 017687 74411.

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