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7th Nov 2019

Setting the Scene – Autumn

This week our Setting the Scene theme ‘autumn’ was inspired by the wonderful view from our workshop room and the beautiful colours of the trees through the windows. Over a cuppa and some Indian sweets (this time of year is also famous for the celebration of Diwali) we chatted about autumn and what we love and loathe about the season. Then using photographs and dried leaves we created our own collages of autumn. Everybody’s creations were unique and very interesting. Ron’s piece looked particularly atmospheric with golden leaves against the dark blue of the night sky. Mary-Gay’s art was abstract and full of bold colours, interesting shapes and patterns. Eric and Ailsa crafted a charming woodland scene whilst Tommy had a stroke of genius making his piece 3D using conkers and feathers.

Next-up, using ideas from our chat about autumn we created our own poem by writing either key words or some rhyming couplets about the season. Our final poem flowed beautifully, some of our favourite extracts were:

"I like it when the leaves fall, they hit me first because I am tall.”

"Golden leaves fall and crunch.”

"Leaves that fall and are tossed and then glisten in the hard frost.”

We did have quite a giggle about some blatant plagiarism "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”… you know who you are. After Jenn read our completed poem the room gave a little cheer and applause. After this, we attempted to sing a hymn about autumn… where we learned that perhaps only Jenn’s school sung about Autumn Days, after a good laugh about the rest of us not knowing the lyrics, we sung about Leaves on the Trees instead. 

It was a lovely session today and we all had a great time reminiscing about the season, Brian commented that "we couldn’t have picked a better theme for this week.” We’re glad our group approved and we look forward to welcoming everybody back next week for a new theme.

Setting the Scene is a series of creative sessions provided by Theatre by the Lake, run with support from Amy’s Care for people living with dementia and their carers. Sessions are free to attend and are on Thursday mornings at 11.00 - 12.30.

Setting the Scene is now running until 19th December. Sessions are usually based at Theatre by the Lake but occasionally move to other locations. For more information, please contact Mary Elliott on 017687 72282 ext. 269.

We’d like to thank the Hadfield Trust and our donors for supporting future sessions. To hear more about the project or to contribute to Theatre by the Lake’s work in Dementia please call our Box Office on 017687 74411.

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