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7th Nov 2019

Setting the Scene – Commonwealth


What does the United Kingdom have in common with Canada, Tonga and the Maldives? They are all part of the Commonwealth, of course. Over a cuppa and a biscuit we discussed this week’s theme, and most of our participants quite rightly associated the Commonwealth with the Queen. Around the table we shared pictures of the Queen visiting countries that form the Commonwealth. We then asked the participants to guess how many of the 53 Commonwealth countries that the Queen has visited, we played a game of higher or lower until the group correctly landed on 51. Since the Commonwealth forms a large percentage of the globe, we then played a game of spin the globe and see if your finger lands on a Commonwealth country.

Following on, our Commonwealth tour practitioner, Jenn, asked us to link the food to the country. Plantain curry anyone? We did have a giggle as some participants expressed delight whilst others groaned at descriptions of the local cuisine.

Next-up, practitioner Rachel took us through some Indian Mudras which symbolic gestures used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga. Some of the gestures such as the clasped palms felt very calm, though others "weren’t suitable for arthritic fingers...” Whoops! We shared a giggle and moved on.

Continuing further in the spirit of wellness. Practitioner Jenn explained that in Singapore there are a series of government approved aerobic dances that are conducted, often in large numbers outdoors to promote fitness in the population. Jenn led us through a recording of one of these aerobic exercises. It was super cheesy! Though, we were amazed by Tommy, he gave such a good go at the routine we could hardly keep in time with him.

After limbering up, practitioner Rachel created an African drum circle using instruments borrowed from Theatre by the Lake. To a backing track we created a series of call and response exercises, giving each participant the option to lead the group. Heavy metal-loving Ian really enjoyed this exercise.

Finally the session end with a sing-along to Were You Ever In Quebec? sung in memory of Eileen, who used to love singing this with us at Setting the Scene. With that, our tour of the Commonwealth was complete. We look forward to welcoming everybody back next week for a theme all about Uniforms.

Setting the Scene is a series of creative sessions provided by Theatre by the Lake, run with support from Amy’s Care for people living with dementia and their carers. Sessions are free to attend and are on Thursday mornings at 11.00 - 12.30.

Setting the Scene is now running until 19th December. Sessions are usually based at Theatre by the Lake but occasionally move to other locations. For more information, please contact Mary Elliott on 017687 72282 ext. 269.

We’d like to thank the Hadfield Trust and our donors for supporting future sessions. To hear more about the project or to contribute to Theatre by the Lake’s work in Dementia please call our Box Office on 017687 74411.

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