Living well with Dementia

Living well with Dementia

Theatre by the Lake's 'Living Well with Dementia' programme has been created in response to audience feedback and local demand. It gives people who are living with dementia in the community, and crucially their family and carers, the opportunity to access the arts in a way that suits their individual needs. 

Our aim:

  • Provide a building where people feel welcome and safe; and confident to engage with the arts on whatever level they feel comfortable. 
  • Offer choice through a variety of high quality opportunities, activities and experiences. 
  • Share our learning with other organisations and businesses to create a dementia friendly community. 


We want to ensure people feel safe and comfortable within the theatre so we sought advice from dementia specialists who audited the building and made recommendations in line with Stirling Standards. We have made staff aware of these changes, implementing what we can and will continue to do so when we are able.


Welcome & Customer Service

Three members of our staff are Dementia Champions and have delivered Dementia Friends sessions to over 150 volunteers and FOH staff. Awareness sessions continue year-round and we have incorporated dementia awareness information into our staff induction process. 


Our team of creative practitioners developed our 'Setting the Scene' model - a series of creative sessions enabling people to share, create and connect. The sessions are a blend of simple drama exercises, singing, music and movement, storytelling, crafts and conversation. 

It has been designed to be enjoyed by participants and carers together, weekly activities are built around a theme and adapted to suit all abilities. Participants can attend weekly, or dip in and out. We aim to shape the session content to respond to participants' interests, personalities and requests. They're all tailored to give each individual the chance to be involved as much or as little as they like. 

          Key features:

  • Peer support for carers.
  • Focus on what people can do. 
  • Feeling of well-being. 
  • Everyone is welcome. 
  • Social time built in. 
  • Sessions are completely FREE. 
  • As much about the carer as the person with dementia.
  • A chance for the carer to be themselves and relax amongst people who understand.
  • Share new experiences and create new memories. 
  • Be creative in many different ways. 
  • An accepting environment.

In order to provide more choice we have teamed up with like-minded partners to deliver other activities within the building. These include regular reading groups, dance sessions, specialist performances and backstage tours. 

For more information click here or contact Mary Elliott on or by calling 017687 81103.