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Evil (Ondskan) (15)

2003, Sweden, 113 mins, Mikael Håfström

Showing Sat 23 February, 9.15pm

Evil (Ondskan) (15)

This production ended on 23/02/2013


Location: Main House

Evil depicts life in a single-sex boarding school and what one person has to endure. Having been expelled from one school for fighting, Erik ends up in a boarding-school. Out of the frying pan and into the fire? An assured piece of film making as the Director attended such a boarding-school and he has a cast who play their parts brilliantly. As the tension is increases you will be drawn into the story and made to revise your opinion of the central character as he undergoes a period of intense change. Very powerful with knockout performances.

‘a film that left me with a knot in my stomach, feeling sick and exhilarated by turns. Director Hafstrom is masterly at turning up the tension notch by notch’ Futuremovies

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