keswick film festival

Yossi (15)

2012, Israel, 84 mins, Eytan Fox

Showing Fri 22 February, 3pm

Yossi (15)

This production ended on 22/02/2013


Location: Studio

The character Yossi first appeared in the 2002 film Yossi and Jagger where two soldiers fall in love. Now a workaholic doctor Yossi lives a solitary existence in Tel Aviv. When a woman from his past walks into his examination room he re-evaluates his life and sets off on a new journey. One critic (Melissa Hanson) states “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll grin from ear to ear”. Yossi is a film with a tender, deeply romantic sensibility that gradually leads to a climactic scene of soaring emotion.

‘Ohad Knoller puts in a tour de force performance and this is a lovely story full of emotions that build to a crescendo. A
beautiful film with a lot of heart.’ Flick Feast

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