keswick film festival

Men At Lunch (NC)

2012, Ireland, 78 mins, Seán Ó Cualáin

Showing Fri 22 February, 1pm

Men At Lunch (NC)

This production ended on 22/02/2013


Location: Main House

One of the most iconic images ever taken. It was taken on 29th September 1932, 69 floors off the ground on the Rockefeller Building in New York. It was published in the New York Herald Tribune a few days later but it was not until 2003 that the real story started to emerge. Who took the photo? Who are the men depicted? Where did they come from? This documentary answers some of these questions as well as provides an in-depth look at this photograph.

‘As Men at Lunch eloquently demonstrates, the satisfaction of answers is perhaps dwarfed by the evocative power of the questions.’ TIFF

Thanks to Cargo Film Releasing (USA)

Prices £5