keswick film festival

Circumstance (15)

2011, Iran, 107 mins, Maryam Keshavarz

Showing Fri 22 February, 1pm

Circumstance (15)

This production ended on 22/02/2013


Location: Alhambra

Two vivacious girls start to discover their sexuality, their desires and the limitations placed on them by the society in which they live. Set in modern Iran, this is a story of seldom seen Iranian youth culture. Positive, fun-filled lives fuelled by parties, defiance and much more, may not be the conventional taken on life in Iran so be prepared to re-evaluate any media fuelled preconceptions. This is a film that reveals how two women defy the rules, despite the dangers, to live their lives as they wish.

‘Stunning! An amazingly accomplished and complex first feature from a filmmaker with something to say and the talent to say it’ The Hollywood Reporter

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