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Scent Of A Woman (15)

1992, USA, 157 mins, Martin Brest

Showing Fri 22 February, 3pm

Scent Of A Woman (15)

This production ended on 22/02/2013


Scent of a Woman is a classic, (even if it is a re-make of an Italian film). Like Untouchable, it is chock full of brilliant performances with at its core, one able bodied person employed to help a cranky disabled one and getting much more than they bargained for. Pacino picked up his first Oscar for Best Actor (after 7 nominations) and the film won a glut of other major awards. This is not, however, a one-man show as Pacino is more than ably supported by Chris O’Donnell and Philip Seymour Hoffman in an early role.

Scent of A Woman is a well-crafted film that delivers a wonderful blend of drama, romance and humour. And does so in a way that by the end you come to realise that seldom are you taken on such a journey with so much intelligence and skill.

‘What this all boils down to is that "Scent of a Woman" is still after almost 20 years a great movie and a movie which doesn't feel in the least bit dated’. The Movie Scene

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