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Found Memories (Historias que so existem quando lembradas) (NC)

2011, Brazil, 98 mins, Júlia Murat

Showing Sat 23 February, 2.30pm

Found Memories (Historias que so existem quando lembradas) (NC)

This production ended on 23/02/2013


Location: Main House

There's no electricity in the Brazilian village where Found Memories is set, and trains no longer heat up the tracks. For the remaining dozen or so inhabitants, there is just a kind of ritualized waiting, something director Júlia Murat lingers over for the film's first half-hour or so, depicting seemingly small lives with big, slightly colour-faded frames and long takes. In particular, Murat establishes the rhythm of the life of Madalena (Sonia Guedes), an old woman with a strict, mostly silent routine who saves all of her warmth for the letters she writes to her dead husband each night. Found Memories draws the viewer into that rhythm—from predawn bread baking to Madalena's prickly interactions with defunct-café owner Antonio (Luiz Serra), to their post-squabble coffee and mass—so that when a young woman appears on Madalena's doorstep, she seems to have entered this suspended world along with us. Rita (Lisa E. Fávero) is a backpacking photographer in search of aesthetic bliss. Initially treated like the parasite she appears to be, over the course of this crisp, gracefully inflected meditation on time's passage, Rita develops the interest in her subjects that turns an image into more than stolen light.

‘Brazilian filmmaker Júlia Murat’s first narrative feature is a mesmerizing, slow-build marvel.’ Time Out, New York

Thanks to MPM Film (France)

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