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Nostalgia For The Light (12A)

2010, Chile, 90 mins, Patricio Guzman

Showing Sat 23 February, 3.45pm

Nostalgia For The Light (12A)

This production ended on 23/02/2013


Location: Rheged IMAX

Extending from looking underground to the depths of outer-space this is a visual treat. The Atacama Desert in Chile is believed to be one of the driest places in the world. Some of its river beds have not seen water for more than 120,000 years. Because of its high altitude, nearly non-existent cloud cover, dry air, and lack of light pollution and radio interference from the very widely spaced cities, the desert is one of the best places in the world to conduct astronomical observations. As a result, the world's astronomers flock to the Atacama to gaze out into the universe and to search for evidence and artefacts from the beginning of time. These "archaeologists of time" decompose the stars into their constituent elements one of which is calcium.

Elsewhere in the desert, other "archaeologists" search among the pebbles and dust for evidence of calcium. They are looking for bones. Or at least fragments of bones. They are the mothers, brothers, sisters and wives of Chile's disappeared. During Pinochet's military dictatorship many thousands of Chileans were abducted and killed and their bodies disposed of in the Atacama. Forty years later their relatives still search the desert for any sign or bone fragment that might give a clue to where their loved ones lie.

Peter Bradshaw The Guardian ‘This is one of the films of the year.’Philip French ‘This is a film to be seen, re-seen and pondered’.

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