keswick film festival

The Wave (Die Welle) (15)

2008, Germany, 107 mins, Dennis Gansel

Showing Sat 23 February, 7pm

The Wave (Die Welle) (15)

This production ended on 23/02/2013


Location: Main House

Learning how an autocracy works takes on a distinctly disturbing angle when the pupils start to live and act under autocratic rules and conventions. As the initial experiment gives way to daily living, what will it take before those involved realise what is happening? It is said that Evil exists when one good person does nothing but what happens when one good person does something? A stunningly powerful film that is frighteningly believable and one that is all the more thought provoking for being set in Germany.

‘It's brilliantly written and directed, wonderfully performed by an ensemble cast, and haunting in its intensity.’ Urban Cinefile

Thanks to Momentum Pictures

Prices £5