keswick film festival

Owning Mahoney (15)

UK, 2003, Richard Kwietniowski

Showing Sat 23 February, 9.15pm

Owning Mahoney (15)

This production ended on 23/02/2013


Saturday 21.15 Alhambra

John Hurt introduces one of his lesser known films. Philip Seymour Hoffman adds another great performance to his gallery of losers in Owning Mahowny, an engrossing, fact-based comedy-drama about the perils of compulsive gambling. The subject is hardly new to movies, but as Toronto bank-loan manager Dan Mahowny, Hoffman brings fresh depth and tortured humanity to his portrayal of a man who helplessly feeds his pathological need to gamble with millions in embezzled bank money that he can't afford to lose. His supportive wife is aware of the problem but not its severity. A delicate balance of humour, adrenalin, and escalating tension.

‘The terrific concentration Hoffman brings to the part, his bi-play with Hurt, and the emerging presence of Driver as a woman whose love for a man remains undiminished go a long way to hold attention through a dauntingly elliptical plot.’ LA Times

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