keswick film festival

McCullin (15)

2013, UK, 95 mins, Jacqui and David Morris

Showing Sun 24 February, 1.30pm

McCullin (15)

This production ended on 24/02/2013



MCCULLIN is a whirlwind tour through a remarkable professional life over 20 years. His background growing up poor in Finsbury Park, London, clearly affected him. We see later how he captured images of the homeless, giving his subjects dignity, poetry and a voice. McCullin states he couldn’t read properly, and the community was full of gangs and violence; but ironically they proved his salvation. With an inherent gift it seems for composition and knowing when to click the shutter, his portraits of a local gang were bought by The Observer, who wanted more; and that opened the door to another world. And his education began. You now have an opportunity to see the output from that education. Mark Kermode says it needs more screenings.

‘The doc is a powerful showcase of post-Second World War global conflict, including Northern Ireland and the Congo to Beirut and Cambodia; from the perspective of a gifted humanist.’ – Filmaluation

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