keswick film festival

Touch (NC)

2011, USA, 110 mins, Minh Duc Nguyen

Showing Sun 24 February, 3.30pm

Touch (NC)

This production ended on 24/02/2013


Location: Studio

How much emotional impact can a single touch have? And, have you ever wondered what the beauticians say about you? Touch gives us an insight into the daily goings on in a nail salon. It also presents believable characters where it is often what goes unsaid that matters the most. Having said that, the dialogue is powerful and interesting enough to keep you guessing as to the eventual outcome. It is a case of enjoying the journey as each of the characters reveal more of themselves. Nguyen is a storyteller and a gifted director, one to watch out for.

‘It’s an impressive feature debut by a skilled filmmaker with some surprising, nuanced performances in its two lead actors.’ Stark Insider

Thanks to Minh Duc Nguyen (Director) and Melissa Tong (Producer)

Prices £5