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War Requiem (PG)

1989, UK, 92 mins, Derek Jarman

Showing Sun 24 February, 6pm

War Requiem (PG)


Location: Main House

Totally based around the music of Benjamin Britten and the poetry of Wilfred Owen this is a must-see for fans of classical music or poetry but much more than that it is a film for everyone who wants to watch a unique anti-war film. This highly idiosyncratic piece was also the last film by Laurence Olivier. Containing a powerful montage of images there is no better summary of the film (and no better embodiment of our Senses theme) that that in the Washington Post - Jarman has added visuals so intense that this is likely to be the ultimate embodiment of the idea until someone develops a technique for recording and playing back physical sensations other than sight and sound: the impact of a shell exploding a few yards away; the feel of mud everywhere; the taste of blood coughed up from a lung wound.

‘A stunning visual film that's combined with the spectacular interpretation of composer Benjamin Britten's 1961 orchestral and oratorio masterpiece.’ Ozus World Movie Reviews

Thanks to Producer Don Boyd


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War Requiem
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