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A Simple Life (Tao jie) (PG)

2011, Hong Kong, 118 mins, Ann Hui

Showing Sun 24 February, 6pm

A Simple Life (Tao jie) (PG)

This production ended on 24/02/2013


Location: Alhambra

A film that will tickle the taste buds as well as satisfy much else. Deanie Ip puts in a career defining performance and as she puts it, acting as an old lady is not difficult at all, as she is just playing herself. A Simple Life delivers a compelling, richly emotional human story filled with warmth and humour. In lesser hands the film could have become a mawkishly sentimental mess or a tub thumping tirade about the treatment of elderly Hong Kongers, or even worse both. Instead thanks to Hui's sensitive direction and the loving focus on the central relationship beautifully played by Ip and Lau, A Simple Life is one of the best and most rewarding films you are likely to see for many a year and deserves all the praise and many awards lavished upon it.

‘It's a gentle, flawlessly observed picture, moving but never sentimental, about getting old, fulfilling familial duties, killing time and being killed by time.’ Philip French

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