keswick film festival

Ashes (15)

2012, UK, 97 mins, Mat Whitecross

Showing Sun 24 February, 8.45pm

Ashes (15)

This production ended on 24/02/2013


Location: Alhambra

Ray Winstone plays the Alzheimer’s-afflicted Frank, a previously formidable man confined to a residential home, a shadow of his former self. James (Jim Sturgess), after many months of searching, finally finds his father figure and breaks him loose from a nursing home, beginning a rather dangerous road trip laced with gallows humour. However, with Frank’s mind failing and James’ motives unclear, the film gradually unravels the past of both.

‘Whitecross has created a film with a strong vision that, by and large, it executes engagingly well.’ Take One; Jim Ross

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