keswick film festival

The Act of Killing (15)

2012, Denmark, 115 mins, Joshua Oppenheimer

Showing Fri 28 February 3.30pm

The Act of Killing (15)

This production ended on 28/02/2014


Location: Main House

The Act of Killing boasts Werner Herzog as an Executive Producer and reflects on Indonesia’s troubled past, when death squads took part in an anti-communist purge.
The film brings together some of the leaders of those death squads to speak about their actions and recreate events in the style of Hollywood movies.
A bizarre concept? Maybe, but “the scenes of casual reminiscing by these men, are quite emotionally draining to watch and hear play out.” (Markus Robinson IMDB) He goes on to say

“We (as audience members) maintain hope that the subjects (the former death squad leaders) will undergo a change of heart and see the errors in their ways; even though this "hope" is a candle which becomes dimmer as the documentary nears its finale.”

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