keswick film festival

The Crash Reel (no cert.)

2013, USA, 108 mins, Lucy Walker

Showing Sat 1 March, 8pm

The Crash Reel (no cert.)

This production ended on 01/03/2014


Location: Main House

Not the typical Sports Documentary, The Crash Reels charts the journey of Olympic Snow Board medal contender Kevin Pearce, as he recovers physically and emotionally from a crash in practice that left him in a coma for 6 days.
Lucy Walker’s film looks at the pressure on athletes to push the envelope in attempting ever more spectacular moves and the rivalry between competitors who are literally on the edge.

Don’t be put off by the jock-ish ‘extreme sports’ subject matter, this is an insightful, deeply affecting journey of emotional discovery beyond the thrill of speed and the roar of the crowd. Trevor Johnston – Time Out

This is a Charity Screening on behalf of the Calvert Trust

Thanks to Soda Pictures

Prices £5