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Like Father, Like Son [Soshite chichi ni naru] (no cert.)

2013, Japan, 120 mins, Hirokazu Kore-eda

Showing Sat 1 March, 8pm

Like Father, Like Son [Soshite chichi ni naru] (no cert.)

This production ended on 01/03/2014


Location: Studio

Kore-eda’s last film I Wish was a highlight of last year’s KFF. His piercing new film starts from a conundrum: what if it were discovered, six years after the event, that a hospital had inadvertently swapped two male babies and given them to the wrong parents? Despite marked differences in class, temperament and approaches to parenting, the Nonomiya and Saiki couples respond to this bombshell by exchanging their sons.

“Kore-eda's facility for casting and directing young performers is spine-tingling; watching these children as they watch their parents is utterly mesmerizing. A deceptively rich and rewarding drama, small of gesture, huge of heart.” (Mark Kermode)

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