16th keswick film festival


99 min, Zeresenay Mahari, Ethiopia/USA (2014)

Showing Fri 27 February, 12.30 pm


This production ended on 27/02/2015


Difret is based on a true story and tells of the experiences of a young girl who fights back against the traditional Ethiopian method of finding a bride – essentially kidnapping. In trying to escape she sets in motion consequences that bring the full weight of the tribal as well as judicial system against her. Defended by a female lawyer who hears about her case on the radio, Difret is a story about justice and the emerging place of women in a traditional society. "The cycle has to break at some point," Director Mahari said at Sundance. "What you have to do is educate. I hope this film will go a long way toward changing thinking."

Thanks to Soda Pictures

Location: Alhambra cinema

Prices £5