16th keswick film festival

The Tribe (15)

130 min, Miroslav Slaboshpitsky, Ukraine (2014)

Showing Fri 27 February, 8.15pm

The Tribe (15)

This production ended on 27/02/2015


One of the most astonishing films you will ever see. It may help to remember that the cast is deaf and you hear things they do not. Other than that you will find yourself immersed into their world, set in a crumbling State Boarding School for deaf adolescents, where the staff have effectively handed control to the gangs and cliques of students. Whilst at times uncomfortable viewing it is testament to the power of the film that it will remain with you long after the final credits.

"This is a grimly compelling, explicit and violent film which is also a silent movie... But the main question is: signing is a language like any other, so why not have subtitles? How is our experience of this different from any foreign-language movie without subtitles? The point, I think, is that their silence underscores their alienation from us. They are a different tribe: outside the law, below the salt." – The Guardian

Thanks to Metrodome

Location: Theatre by the Lake, Main House

Prices £5