16th keswick film festival

Stray Dogs (12A)

138 min, Ming-liang Tsai, Taiwan (2013)

Showing Sat 28 February, 2pm

Stray Dogs (12A)

This production ended on 28/02/2015


An alcoholic father and his two young children live a miserable existence on the outskirts of Tapei, never knowing where their next meal is coming from. The father makes a pittance as a walking billboard for luxury apartments, whilst his children rely on free food samples from the local market to survive. They seek refuge in an abandoned building, where the father becomes fixated with a strange mural painted on the wall. When they meet a lonely woman working in a local grocery store, it turns out she may be able to shed some light on the family’s unanswered questions and lead them toward a better life. A meditative drama which seeks to explore the definition of 'home'. An immensely bittersweet work, evoking the poetry and tragedy of life lived on the margins of society.

Thanks to Verve Pictures (New Wave)

Location: Theatre by the Lake, Main House

Prices £5