16th keswick film festival

One Crazy Ride (12A)

87 min, Gaurav Jani, India (2009)

Showing Sat 28 February, 2.30pm

One Crazy Ride (12A)

This production ended on 28/02/2015


A motorcycle expedition on uncharted roads across the Himalayan state of Arunachal Pradesh, situated in North-east India. But more than an expedition, it's a film on friendship, camaraderie and the "never say die" attitude of five motorcyclists in the face of unforgiving terrain. This is definitely not Top Gear! There was no back-up vehicle or film crew and set in parts of India hardly seen, filmed or explored, the film captures the interactions and experiences of the riders who are trying to chart a route, which according to everyone does not exist. The terrain lends itself perfectly to the Imax screen - watch out for a spectacular bridge crossing... and close your eyes and hope.

Thanks to Dirt Track Productions

Location: Rheged

Prices £5