16th keswick film festival

The Vancouver Asahi (PG)

134 min, Yuya Ishii, Japan (2014)

Showing Previews Sat 28 February, 7.30pm

The Vancouver Asahi (PG)

This production ended on 28/02/2015


All the great world’s cities contain pockets of different nationalities and in the case of Vancouver in the 1930’s, this film focuses on the Japanese community, more specifically the Canadian born first generation of Japanese immigrants, who started their own baseball team – the Vancouver Asahi. Out-sized and out-muscled by their Caucasian opponents and in the face of racism and prejudice, the team rethinks its strategy and starts to find success. Much more than a sporting underdog movie, The Vancouver Asahi goes on to explore the tensions between communities and between generations as world War II looms.

"An old-fashioned entertainment in the best sense. In a word, thrilling." - Tony Rayns, Vancouver Film Festival

Thanks to Pony Canyon Inc

Location: Theatre by the Lake, Main House

Prices £5