16th keswick film festival

The Idiots (18)

117 min, Lars Von Trier, Denmark (1998)

Showing Sun 1 March, 1.30pm

The Idiots (18)

This production ended on 01/03/2015


Director Lars von Trier made this, his own first (and only) 'Dogme 95' film, several years after originating the concept with his colleague Thomas Vinterberg. While not for everyone, von Trier's devotion to intellectual inventiveness in his art is apparent. At the end of The Idiots we may feel it was so realistic that we struggle to remember it was only a work of fiction and didn't actually happen. Documentary-style interviews with members of the commune force us to continually evaluate what we are watching. However offensive or intentionally clumsy, its influence cannot easily be denied.

Thanks to Danish Film Institute

Location: Theatre by the Lake, Studio

Prices £5