16th keswick film festival

Festen (The Celebration) (15)

105 min, Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark (1998)

Showing Sun 1 March, 4.15pm

Festen (The Celebration) (15)

This production ended on 01/03/2015


This film is Dogme 1 - Dogme in its first incarnation. It proved much more approachable than it might have looked on paper; the rules under which it was made turn out to be a gift and an opportunity for a talented director, with a sparkling story about the childhood secrets revealed by a son at his father’s 60th birthday party. Festen is a delicious exercise in controlled, cathartic anarchy, worth watching for its singular, poignant story, its mirth and its fearlessness.

Thanks to Metrodome

Location: Theatre by the Lake, Studio

Prices £5