17th keswick film festival

The Second Mother (15)

112 mins. Anna Muylawrt. Brazil (2015)

Showing Fri 26 February, 3.00pm

The Second Mother (15)

This production ended on 26/02/2016


The story of a maid who works for a wealthy Sao Paolo family and is reunited with the daughter she has not seen for ten years might have resulted in anything from highbrow social drama to lowbrow soap, but writer/director Anna Muylaert manages to never put a foot wrong and deliver a lively and very likeable comedy.

Val is the classic, old-fashioned maid of days gone by. She has been with the same family for 13 years, by now she is part of it, she likes them and they like her, particularly because she never forgets her place. One day, however, Jessica, the daughter Val left behind when she separated from her husband, and who has refused to acknowledge her existence even on the phone - despite all the money Val has sent for her upbringing and education - announces that she intends to come to Sao Paolo and study architecture...

A winner at many festivals!

Location: Alhambra

Running Time 112 mins

Prices £6; Members £5; Students £4