17th keswick film festival

Karun (PG)

57 mins. Tom Allen. UK (2015)

Showing Sun 28 February, 12.30pm

Karun (PG)

This production ended on 28/02/2016


From the director of the very successful Janapur last year, British adventurers Tom Allen and Leon McCarron set out to follow Iran’s longest river, the Karun, by human-powered means. Their aim is to go beyond the politics and explore the culture and geography of this most misunderstood of nations – and have a great adventure doing so. But despite Tom’s previous experience of travel in Iran, they find that cultural differences run deeper than they’d realised. And when the once-calm waters of the Karun turn nasty, they wonder if they’ve bitten off more than they can chew…

Tom Allen will be attending this screening.

Prices £6; Members £5; Students £4