keswick film festival

White Mischief - Q&A with Greta Scacchi (18)

107 mins, Michael Radford, UK (1987)

Showing Sat 18 February, 8pm

White Mischief - Q&A with Greta Scacchi (18)

This production ended on 18/02/2017


Released some 46 years after the true life events of the still unsolved Happy Valley murder of Josslyn Hay, 22nd Earl of Errol, Roger Ebert says “White Mischief is an elegant, almost luxurious retelling of the story of Jock (Joss Ackland) ,his young bride, Diana (Greta Scacchi) and the Earl (Charles Dance).

In White Mischief, the period is lovingly restored – the clothes, the cars, the rambling architecture, the lifestyle that could not conceive that Kenya would ever be independent, and was scarcely able to even see racism, much less decry it. Happy Valley is seen as a society of narcissists, in love with their own beauty and idle charm and existing primarily to drink and to gossip.”

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