A Tatie Pot o' Dialect

Showing Sun 1 October, 7.30pm

A Tatie Pot o' Dialect

This production ended on 01/10/2017


“Rare oald sangs in Cummerlan’ toak,
Comical tealls ‘boot Cummerlan’ fwok,
Sangs they sung roond t’ winter fire,
Be Anderson, Relph, an’ sweet Blamire,
An’ udders forby, o’ which we brag,
Sec as Rayson, Clark, an’ blin’ Jwohn Stagg.”

Our varied, talented writers of dialect have amused and entertained for generations in lively bars and cosy, Cumbrian cottages – from Robert Anderson, the Carlisle Bard, to blind John Stagg. Members of the Lakeland Dialect Society and friends are continuing the tradition, dishing up some of their much-loved songs and stories by favourite authors, as well as setting out to show the writing and performing talent still to be found in the county today.

Meet fussy Muck Wully an’ wheezelin’ Tom, lang Isaac frae’t Lonnin’ an’ Westlinton Jwohn. All with a tale to tell and a view of life that’s a la’al bit unusual. You never quite know what’s going to be in a Lakeland tatie pot but with Herdwick lamb, black pudding and taties, it’s generally just what you need once the weather starts turning to the leaky, lashy, daggy er drook’t. Whether it’s wet or dry, join us for a celebration of our county’s unique way with words.

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