tbtl young company and elders company present

The Hidden Key

Showing Thu 1 Feb - Sat 3 Feb, 7.30pm

The Hidden Key

This production ended on 03/02/2018


Four seasons, four stories, one garden.

Where is the key? Which door will it unlock?

Autumn falls and a key is hidden. Winter sweeps in and a buried secret is locked into the cold, hard ground. Spring arrives with its new shoots; a once-locked door to new life is ajar. Summer brings its light; the days are as long as they can be; warmth, colour and vivacity fill the stretched hours.

Are we done? Is that the end of the story? How does a garden really grow?

Devised as a response to The Secret Garden, this quartet of linked pieces will showcase the talents of TBTL’s three Young Company groups and our brand new Elders Company.

For more details about joining our blossoming companies, contact dave.cryer@theatrebythelake.com

Prices £5