keswick film festival

Blade of the Immortal (18)

Showing Fri 23 Feb, 8pm

Blade of the Immortal (18)

This production ended on 23/02/2018


No Film Festival would be complete without a samurai sword epic
and Blade of the Immortal, Takashi Miike’s 100th film, fits the bill
perfectly. Based on a manga series it stars Takuya Kimura as Manji,
a Shogunate era samurai, granted by a witch the dubious gift of
eternal life. After meeting a young girl, orphaned by a group of
master swordsmen, Manji wreaks vengeance on them through a
series of stylised showdowns – brilliantly choreographed, outlandishly
violent and sometimes brutally comic to boot.

‘Blade’goes for the carotid while offering a classic look and a comic-book
story. It's part Kurosawa, part "X-Men," part "Ichi the Killer” – Washington

141 minutes, Takashi Miike, Japan 2017 (18)

Please note: there is an overnight closure on the A66 which will be in force from 8pm – 6am from Mon 19 February until 18 March, affecting traffic routes on the A66 between Keswick and Penrith. Visit our location page to find out more.

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