keswick film festival

Open Bethlehem (NC)

Keswick Peace and Human Rights Group Screening

Showing Sun 25 Feb, 10am

Open Bethlehem (NC)

This production ended on 25/02/2018


Film director Leila Sansour returns to Bethlehem to make a film about
her home town, soon to be encircled by a wall. The film spans seven
momentous years in the life of Bethlehem, revealing a city of astonishing
beauty and political strife under occupation.

One of the most remarkable and moving documentaries I have seen,
about this unreported story. The tragedy of the Palestinians encapsulated
in the life of one family and one town- Bethlehem. See the film, then go
to Bethlehem and see for yourself. Jon Snow

90 minutes, Leila Sansour, UK, 2014 (NC)

Please note: there is an overnight closure on the A66 which will be in force from
8pm – 6am from Mon 19 February until 18 March, affecting traffic routes on the
A66 between Keswick and Penrith. Visit
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Prices £6.50; Members £5.50; Students £4