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Neil Sinyard on George St

Showing Sun 25 Feb, 3.30pm

Neil Sinyard on George St

This production ended on 25/02/2018


George Stevens was one of the greatest movie makers of Hollywood’s
Golden Age. In a career spanning fifty years until his death in 1975, he
brought distinction to every kind of picture, whether it be an Astaire
and Rogers’ musical (Swing Time), a Tracy and Hepburn romantic comedy
(Woman of the Year) or Cary Grant at his most adventurously rumbustious
(Gunga Din). He learned his craft as cameraman on Laurel and Hardy shorts
and his early career was notable for delectable comedies that prioritised
character over slapstick. Yet by the early 1940s, the shadow of war began
to hang over even ostensibly escapist fare. The Diary of Anne Frank(1959)
movingly commemorated the war dead, but his greatest post-war
achievement was to be his trilogy of films, A Place in the Sun, Shane and
Giant, which constitute an epic reassessment of the American Dream.

In this talk, which will be illustrated with film extracts, Neil Sinyard will
explore some recurrent preoccupations and characteristics of Stevens’s
work – perhaps the greatest director you’ve probably never heard of.

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