keswick film festival

The Third Murder

Showing Sunday 25 February, 5pm

The Third Murder

This production ended on 25/02/2018


"It would not be KFF without a Kore-eda film. In The Third Murder Maasharu Fukuyama (Like Father, Like Son) plays a famous defence attorney named Shigemori, who willingly takes the tough case of Misumi , a man who murdered his boss. We know he did it. He’s confessed to doing it There’s little mystery there. But the reason why he did it is important to his sentence. Did he kill for money? But what motive might the victim’s wife have had? Or his daughter.... The Third Murder offers the satisfactions of a well-constructed suspense story, with twists that come from the characters of its principals, not plot contrivances –Japan Times "

125 minutes, Hirokazu Kore-eda, Japan, 2017 (15)

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Prices £6.50, £5.50, £4 students, u16s, unwaged