Connect Three

Showing Sun 15 July, 4pm

Connect Three

This production ended on 15/07/2018


In association with the North Cumbria Scriptwriters, TBTL Elders Company present a quartet of short plays performed by eight actors.

Eight actors, four plays, eighteen characters, but the challenge for you, the audience, is to make three connections – is there an answer to this puzzle?

In Martha & the Monster by Anne Ginty, tensions rise as four amateur actors gather to rehearse their version of Beauty & the Beast.

In the Jeeves & Wooster Appreciation Society by Kevan France, a village hall meeting has one decision to make, but with four voices chipping in, splinters begin to show.

Bonnets & Curls by John Ward sees seven characters jostling for attention – but hang on, they appear to be from three different stories – Perfect Nonsense, Sense & Sensibility and Beauty & the Beast. What’s going on? These are three TBTL productions, aren’t they?

In As Good As It Gets by Martin Chambers, we begin with two characters on a bench. Where are they? Why are they there? Who are they? When a third character joins, will the knot unravel?

Prices £5