My Mother Said I Never Should

by Charlotte Keatley

Showing 23 May – 30 October

My Mother Said I Never Should


Set in Manchester, Oldham and London over the course of 40 years, My Mother Said I Never Should is a powerful and poignant story about love, jealousy and the price of freedom.

Charlotte Keatley’s beautiful play weaves together the stories of four women from one family, joining each of them at pivotal moments in their lives as secrets, lies, and momentous decisions reverberate through the generations. Moving back and forth in time, we see their loves, expectations and choices, set against the huge social changes of the 20th century.

Keatley’s award-winning play has been translated into 22 languages and is considered a seminal piece of British theatre. In its moving exploration of the relationships between mothers and daughters, and the consequences of breaking the most sacred taboo of motherhood, My Mother Said I Never Should examines the choices we make which determine the course of our lives – and how it is never too late to change.

‘This is a landmark play. The theatrical equivalent of breaking the four-minute mile.’
The Guardian

Directed by Katie Posner
Designed by Elizabeth Wright

There will be a 20 minute interval during this performance.

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