the regional premiere of

Guards at the Taj

by Rajiv Joseph

Showing 8 August – 2 November

Guards at the Taj

This production ended on 02/11/2019


As dawn breaks on the final day of construction of the Taj Mahal, two hapless Imperial Guards must once again resist the urge to look at the most beautiful monument the world has ever seen – by order of the Emperor.

As first light hits the pure white domes, this proves harder than it sounds and friends Humayun and Babur are about to discover that beauty comes at a terrible price.

Brutal, audacious and wickedly funny, this is an award-winning tale about beauty, the powerful and the powerless.

Strong language and scenes which some audience members may find disturbing. Please note that this show contains smoke and haze effects.

Production supported by David and Sue Thomas

There will be no interval during this performance.

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Meet the Cast

  • Humayun
    Devesh Kishore
    Devesh Kishore
  • Babur
    Luke Murphy
    Luke Murphy

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