theatre by the lake's first scratch night

Open Space

Showing Wed 5 February, 7:30pm

Open Space

This production ended on 05/02/2020


TBTL’s first-ever scratch night Open Space will be a lab for home-grown Cumbrian creatives to explore new ideas they’ve been working on and test them in front of an audience.

After a flood of brilliant applications, we’ve selected four fantastic groups and individuals from different disciplines to share and test their work with you. Each performance will last up to 10 minutes and between each one you will be invited to share your feedback in a relaxed and informal environment. Come and join us for an evening of entertainment, discussion and creativity.

Open Space Participants and Running Order

Steve Wharton presents:
Lailoken Loop

Steve Wharton is a musician and storyteller with a passion for Cumbrian heritage. His piece is an experimental approach to long form storytelling incorporating live and pre-recorded loop pedal soundscapes. The eponymous Lailoken fought in a battle near Longtown in north Cumbria in 573AD. He subsequently lived as a wildman in the woods and is the real-life basis for the literary character better known as Merlin.

Hannah Roze-Lewis and Amy Allenby present:
Dear Beryl

Two women sit in a cell, unsure of why they are there. With them: a sewing machine and a trash can full of paper. Lost, confused, and trying to make sense of their situation, the women stumble through their past in order to understand their present. Dear Beryl is a work-in-progress play exploring poverty, technology, and whether free speech is ever really free. Strong Language

Ewan Pollitt and Nina Berry present:

When their father suddenly dies, estranged siblings, Lex and Jack, are forced together; his ashes need scattering and his work needs finishing. But who their father was and what he really loved seems to be split between the two of them.
An energetic look at family, reconnection and sibling rivalry, taking the audience through laboratories and the Lake District.Strong Language

Stephanie Bradshaw presents:
Stand-up comedy set

Stephanie Bradshaw is a stand-up comedian from Keswick. Known locally for her comedy podcast Miraculous Cumbria, which she co-hosts with pal and fellow comedian Jane Postlethwaite, Steph started performing stand-up at the start of 2019 and has since performed at Brighton Fringe Festival and featured on BBC Radio Cumbria.

Prices £6