theatre by the lake's first scratch night

Open Space

Showing Wed 5 February, 7:30pm

Open Space


Do you want to be the first to experience some exciting new performance ideas?

Do you want to support local talent?

Ever wondered how artists develop their work?

Open Space is a lab for creativity, an opportunity for artists to explore new ideas, experiment, and test material in front of an audience. We welcome all kinds of untried and untested work, from spoken word to music, from dance to theatre and much more. Come and meet some creative minds and let them share their ideas with you.

There will be a variety of performances each lasting up to 10 minutes. Between each performance, you will be invited to share your feedback in a relaxed and informal environment. Come and join us for an evening of entertainment, discussion and creativity.

Are you a writer, director or a performer? Do you have a creative idea you want to test on an audience?

Find out more about how to get involved here:

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